Text Box: Humour Verse Winners Third Quarter 2011

First: Night Life by Adrian Shaw

Second: Can Anybody Tell Me What a Semicolonís for? by Alison Godfrey

Third: The State Pathologist by Peter Goulding

Click on the titles to read the three winning poems.


Judgeís Report for the third quarter of the humour verse competition 2011 from Lorraine Mace


We had such a successful launch to this competition last quarter that I was slightly concerned about the entries for this quarter reaching the same high standard. I neednít have worried! Once again deciding on the winning poems was both an enjoyable and difficult task.

There were some extremely well written entries, which simply werenít funny. We also had some very amusing entries which were poorly written. To get both aspects right requires quite a bit of work on the part of the poet. Fortunately we had a high proportion of entrants who had clearly worked long and hard on their poems.

All the poems on the long list were good, those on the short list even better, but the final three won through in the end because they were amusing, cleverly written and each in its own way original.

Sadly, yet again, we had a few disqualified entries due to exceeding the 30 line maximum and/or putting the authorís name on the poem.

But letís not dwell on the negatives!† Here are the poems that I felt deserved first, second and third prizes.


1st: Night Life

For me this was the poem the others had to beat. It was a clear winner from first reading. Combining humour, great imagery, rhythm, rhyme and originality in the treatment of subject matter, itís a poem that makes me chuckle every time I read it.


2nd: Can Anybody Tell Me What a Semicolonís for?

So many poems come in covering aspects of writing and punctuation that it is hard for one to stand out. This poem does exactly that. Using the punctuation marks in dialogue and creating characters of them, each with their own unique personality works really well in this clever and witty poem.


3rd: The State Pathologist

This nonsense rhyme made me laugh out loud in places. The explanation for each death is clearly over the top Ė but it is meant to be. As we near the end, we wonder where the poem is going and how it can be brought to a credible close, only to have the ending nicely tie up with both the title and opening line. A clever and truly original piece of work.



Short list in alphabetical order


Billís Blind Dating

Brown Envelope Blues

Can Anybody Tell Me What a Semicolonís for?

Fraternisation (a dissertation)

Knockers and Thongs

Night Life

Ode to the Passing of British Rail

Thereís a Polo up my Nostril

The State Pathologist

Would You Help Me Out, Mary?


Long list in alphabetical order


A Tale of Tails

Billís Blind Dating

Brown Envelope Blues


Can anybody tell me what a semicolonís for?

Computer Trouble


Dragon - fly!

Fraternisation (a dissertation)

Freaking About Fred

Ghostly Wooing

Laundry Lament


Knockers and Thongs


My Life Ė A trip to the supermarket

Night life

Ode to the Passing of British Rail

One Flew Over the Chicken Breast

Shrub Thumping

The Comeuppance of Zeus

The Morning After...

Thereís a Polo up my Nostril

The State Pathologist

Would you help me out Mary?